Cold Starters

Anchovies, “lakerda” (Salted cured skip jack tuna in oil)

from  Istanbul, smoked sardines, cod with samphire and caramelized balsamic

 Carpaccio from yellow fin tuna

with salt blossom, lemon and extra virgin olive oil

Carpaccio from fresh octopus

from Makri with pearls from balsamic aceto

Tartar from fresh bass fish

gold herring’s eggs, salt blossom and chives

Pesto shrimps

Flavoured shrimps in basil pesto with fresh grated tomato, salt blossom and extra virgin oil

Smoked salmons rolls

filled with flounder, Philadelphia mouse, lime sauce and gold herring’s eggs

Homemade tzatziki

with yogurt, cucumber, garlic & extra virgin olive oil

 «Taramas» white or black from cuttlefish ink