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Greek salad

with tomato cucumber, barley bites, samphire and grated feta cheese

Vegetarian green salad

with fresh vegetables, capers, pickles of cucumber, sundried tomato with champagne ‘s vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

Mediterranean salad

with «galotyri» from Samothraki, cherry tomatoes, olives from Kalamata and caper leaves onto tomato crackers

Salmon salad

with mixed fresh vegetables with cubes of fresh salmon and honey sauce

Chicken salad

with mixed fresh vegetables with roasted chicken, flavored bacon, grated parmesan and sauce

Ricotta Salad

with fresh vegetables, ricotta , grapes, mango, sorbet and champagne sauce

Rocket salad

with parmesan, cherry baby tomatoes, sundried tomato with balsamic vinaigrette from strawberry

Smoked eggplant

with feta cheese, garlic and olive oil

Olives from «Makri»

in their extra virgin olive oil